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Drinking Water grade PAM

Drinking water grade PAM is mainly be used in raw water treatment, sugar making, fermentation, etc.


Product name Degree of hydrolysis Molecular weight Application
A556PWG High High Treatment of raw water, refine sugar
A756PWG High Medium Sugar Industry
A245PWG Low Medium Treatment of raw water
A345PWG Medium Low Medium Treatment of raw water


Sodium Polyacrylate

Sodium polyacrylate belongs to anionic polyelectrolyte, with a variety of physical and chemical property, thus it can be used widely. Low molecular weight sodium polyacrylate has good dispersion, anti-scaling, gentle erosion performance, as viscosity agent in oilfield chemicals as a pigment dispersant in papermaking industry, as sizing agent and dispersing agent in textile industry, as washing assistant in washing industry, as a thickener and emulsifier in the food processing field, low molecular weight sodium polyacrylate can also be used for disperse glass fiber in the field of composite materials, sodium polyacrylate has the function of thickening, dispersion, suspension, stability and so on in cosmetics manufacturing. In addition, which can also be used as adhesives, anticaking agent, flotation agent, descaling and antiscale etc.


Product name Degree of hydrolysis Molecular weight
A823 Super high Low



Potassium Polyacrylate

This product have strong ability to inhibit clay and cuttings dispersion, good temperature resistance, salt resistance and a certain ability to reduce fluid loss, can effectively control formation pulping, good anti-collapse effect , conducive to the discovery and protection of oil and gas layer. It can also stabilize well wall and reduce water loss. Can be used for fresh water, salt water, saturated salt water drilling fluid and different relative density of water based drilling fluid system.


Product name Hydrolysis (%) Molecular weight Potassium Content (%) Chlorine Ion Content (%) Purity (%)
K645 27-35 High 11-16 <1 >80

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