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Sugar Industry

In sugar Mills, polyacrylamide is used to clarify beet or sugarcane juice. In addition, the application scenarios also include sugar extraction, sludge dewatering in sugar factories, sewage treatment and other processes. In production and life, polyacrylamide is also widely used in food wastewater, such as wine factories, wineries, meat processing plants, etc



Construction Industry

As a separation agent of construction mud and water, Polyacrylamide can play a good flocculating effect in infrastructure construction. In the category of building materials, Polyacrylamide as an external additive application is more common, can improve the interaction between particles, so as to increase strength and toughness, mainly play flocculation, water retention, thickening, bonding and other roles. Commonly used as putty powder thickening agent, refractory material binder, mortar thickening water retaining agent and etc.



Agriculture Industry

The application of Polyacrylamide in agriculture is keeping soil heat, keeping fertilizer and improving soil structure. Soil heat preservation benefits from the special molecular structure of Polyacrylamide. When it is added to the soil, water is absorbed by the network structure, resulting in the reduction of free water and the reduction of conductivity. Polyacrylamide can effectively inhibit the loss of fertilizer elements by stabilizing the water-stable aggregate structure and absorbing fertilizer elements. At the same time, Polyacrylamide can effectively improve soil structure, increase the number of soil aggregates, and keep soil particles and pore structure stable.



More Industry

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