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For EOR Application

When oil fields are in EOR periods, feeding a ton of polymer can increase the production of crude oil by 120 ~ 150 tons for users.By injecting polymer solution with suitable viscosity,it can improve the sweep efficiency of injected fluid,and thus block big channels.Our products have already been widely used in oilfields in China, North America, South America, India, the Middle East, Russia and other fields. Ordinary product can resist temperature up to 75℃ and salinity up to 30000 ppm. Salt-tolerant products can resist temperature up to 90℃ and salinity up to 30000 ppm.




For Drilling Application

Drilling fluid PAM can effectively improve the performance of drilling fluid and prevent borehole from collapsing.Also,it can cool down and lubricate the drill bit. Drilling fluid PAM is appliable to low solid non-dispersed polymer drilling fluid system and can be mix-used with various treatment agent.Also,it is suitable for all kinds of mud system. Product Properties:

  • Shale inhibitor: inhibit clay mine contained in shale from hydration, expansion, decomposition, and prevent the borehole from collapsing.
  • Filtration reduction:reduce the amount of water entered into the layer,the hydration expansion of mud shale.
  • Viscosity reduction:collect at the edge of the protected clay particles and enhance its negative effect to prevent the system from forming space truss structure , thus have the effect of reducing viscosity.





For Water Plugging and Profile Control Application

PAM used in oil water plugging and profile control usually gets higher molecular weight,together with the crossing-link agent,can increase the strength of gel and plug the pore.This product can resist temperature up to 75℃ and salinity of solution up to 20000ppm.





For Drag Reduction Application

Drag reduction PAM is widely used in pipeline of crude oil and product oil. Fluid flow in the pipeline will be restrained with frictional drag of fluid,which results in the decreasing of the amount of pipeline transportation and the increasing of energy consumption.The use of drag reduction agent is an important method to improve flow capacity of pipeline and reduce energy consumption in a certain area. Our product can effectively reduce the flow resistance and inhibit the corrosion of pipeline.


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