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Paper dispersant

Adding polyacrylamide dispersant during the papermaking process can effectively prevent fiber agglomeration and improve the uniformity of paper. Our company's papermaking dispersants can be dissolved within 60 minutes. At low addition amounts, they can promote good dispersion of papermaking fibers and excellent paper forming effects, improve pulp evenness and paper softness, and also increase the strength of paper. . It is suitable for all kinds of toilet paper, napkins, facial tissues and other household paper and other tissue paper. It can completely replace PEO in some paper mills.




Cationic retention and filter aid

Cationic retention and filter aids can improve the retention of fibers, fillers, fine fibers and other chemicals, bring a clean and stable wet end chemical environment, save the consumption of slurry and various chemicals, reduce production costs, and improve paper quality and Paper machine production efficiency. Good retention and filter aids are a prerequisite and necessary factor to ensure smooth operation of the paper machine and good paper quality.


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