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  • Production Management Manager
    job description:
    1. Control and coordinate the personnel management and various production activities of the production department;
    2. Track the production situation, product demand, production process, output value target, etc., and complete the production target on time;
    3. Respond to production abnormalities in a timely manner, track problems in a timely manner, and put forward reasonable suggestions;
    4. Participate in the action plan and implementation of improving production efficiency and product quality;
    5. Monitor and standardize the operation methods to ensure the safety and cleanliness of the production site;
    6. Responsible for the management and training of employees.
    1. College degree or above, chemical engineering and other related majors;
    2. Have good leadership, organizational and coordination skills, communication skills, execution skills, etc.
    3. Can bear hardships and stand hard work.
    Please send your cover letter and resume to: wuping@tianrun.com.cn
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